“Nubian” Intention Candle Kit

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Unleash your inner strength and establish firm boundaries with our “Nubian” Intention Candle Kit. This purposefully curated kit is designed to evoke a sense of power and provide a shield of protection, ensuring you stand strong in the face of challenges.

Key Features:

  • Empowerment Radiance: Ignite the flame of personal power.
  • Guardian Aura: Cultivate an environment of safety and protection.
  • Boundaries Reinforcement: Immerse yourself in a realm of assertiveness.

🛡️ Benefits:

  • Protection Shield: Establish a protective barrier against negativity.
  • Inner Strength: Embrace a heightened sense of personal power.
  • Boundary Setting: Reinforce your ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

🎁 What’s Inside:

  • 11oz Intention Candle in Bold Hues
  • Power Affirmation Guide
  • Guardian Crystal for Protection
  • Empowerment Playlist
  • Journal and Pen for Reflection
  • Palo Santo for Cleansing
  • Custom Artwork

🌟 How to Use:

  • Light the Candle: Kindle the flame of empowerment.
  • Affirmations for Power: Speak words that amplify your inner strength.
  • Protection Crystal: Channel the energy of the included crystal.
  • Empowerment Playlist: Immerse yourself in empowering melodies.
  • Journaling: Reflect on your journey to personal power.
  • Palo Santo Cleanse: Purify your space and reinforce your protective aura.

Elevate your energy and fortify your boundaries with “Nubian” intentions… Ignite the flame of strength and stand resilient against life’s challenges.

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Embrace Power and Protection!

Step into your strength and fortify your boundaries with our “Nubian” Intention Candle Kit. Crafted to embody power and protection, this kit serves as a shield against negativity while empowering you to set and maintain healthy boundaries. Illuminate your space with a guardian aura, harnessing the essence of power and protection. Whether you seek a protective shield or aspire to assertively define your boundaries, “Nubian” is your key to an empowered and resilient existence. Elevate your energy, assert your power, and embrace the protective embrace of “Nubian.” Seize the opportunity to bring home this empowering candle kit and radiate strength and protection in every aspect of your life.

🕯️ Kit Name: Nubian

Characteristics: Power, Protection

Good For: Protection, Boundaries