“Magical AF” Intention Candle Kit

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Step into a world of enchantment and self-discovery with our “Magical AF” Intention Candle Kit. This magical kit is carefully designed to embrace the essence of self-love and elevate your self-care practices.

✨ Key Features:

  • Self-Love Elixir: Infuse your surroundings with an aura of self-adoration.
  • Empowering Glow: Cultivate an atmosphere of strength and positivity.
  • Holistic Self-Care: Immerse yourself in a realm of nurturing magic.

💖 Benefits:

  • Boost Self-Esteem: Illuminate your path to heightened self-worth.
  • Complete Self-Care: Embrace practices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Radiate Positivity: Bask in the radiant energy of your own magic.

🎁 What’s Inside:

  • 11oz Intention Candle in Enchanting Hues
  • Self-Love Affirmation Guide
  • Crystal for Empowerment
  • Uplifting Playlist
  • Journal and Pen for Reflection
  • Palo Santo for Cleansing
  • Custom Artwork

🌟 How to Use:

  • Light the Candle: Ignite the spark of self-love within.
  • Affirmations for Self-Love: Speak words that celebrate your uniqueness.
  • Empowerment Crystal: Channel the energy of the included crystal.
  • Uplifting Playlist: Immerse yourself in melodies that resonate with your essence.
  • Journaling: Reflect on your journey to self-discovery.
  • Palo Santo Cleanse: Purify your space and embrace the magic within.

Indulge in the enchantment feeling of being “Magical AF” and witness the transformation of self-love and care unfold. Illuminate the magic that resides within you.

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Unleash Your Inner Magic!

Crafted to embody the characteristics of self-love and self-care, this magical kit is your key to unlocking your inner brilliance. Illuminate your space with the radiant glow of self-love, fostering an environment of self-care and empowerment. Whether you’re on a quest to boost your self-esteem or enhance your self-care routine, “Magical AF” is your guide to embracing your magical essence. Elevate your energy, celebrate your uniqueness, and immerse yourself in the magic of self-love. Seize the opportunity to bring home this enchanting candle kit and unleash the magic within you.

🕯️ Kit Name: Intention: Magical AF

Characteristics: Self-Love, Self-Care

Good For: Self-Esteem, Self-Care